Monday, August 30, 2010

Notes of Southern Charm

Is it time to write an obituary to the charm and grace of the handwritten note? Has email, twitter, and facebook and texting taken the place of writing a traditional "Thank You" or "Thinking of You" note?  In a rush, rush, now, not later world, do we accept thanks and compliments via electronic means versus the time it takes us to sit down, gather our thoughts, write out a note, address it and stamp it?

Some ladies still issue the traditional card, picture and/or letter to our dear friends and family for the holidays. Some us still write a card with a gift.  Some of us even still write handwritten notes to the teacher and she returns the favor with a still handwritten note. Do you remember what it feels like to get a personally addressed letter in the mail that is not a bill or junk mail?

It's that very feeling that inspired me to add Carolina Clover's new collection of personalized note cards. One in every color and style you can imagine. Choose the pattern and personalization that reflects you the most.  With 14 styles available, 7 ink colors, 14 monogram styles, including Greek fraternity or sorority letters you are sure to create a card that will feel like your own creation.

 Write a thank you note to the couple that hosted the last cocktail party, checked on you or your child when was ill, or for the gifts your child receives for a birthday party.  We even have "girl" and "boy" patterns, so you can order some in your child's name and begin teaching your child how to say "thank you".

Like these...

"Stationary" like this also makes a thoughtful gift for teachers and other moms, then you'll be doing your part to keep the handwritten note alive!

To see the entire line of our personalized note cards, visit our site here.