Sunday, September 20, 2015

Preppy Girls Monogram Their Spare Tires!

Monograms on our rides are not a new idea, but us girls have been relegated to the vinyl sticker.  Am I right? Carolina Clover is showcasing style and panache with a monogrammed tire cover for our SUV and Jeep girls.  Our soft top jeeps are super expensive and super sensitive, most of us don't want to put a vinyl monogram sticker on our soft top cover.  Introducing the monogrammed spare tire cover by Carolina Clover!

We've been monogramming one Jeep at a time at Carolina Clover with our Smitybilt tire cover with an embroidered monogram!  Move over vinyl stickers, we are stitching our initials right into this tire cover.  Our jeep girls have loved this design, read our frequently asked questions and our reviews on our monogram embroidered spare tire cover at Below take a look at some of the tire covers we've monogrammed in the various font styles and thread colors:

Monogram Tire Cover in Master Circle Font and Spring Green Thread

Monogrammed Tire Cover in White Thread and Engraved Font

Monogrammed Tire Cover in Lime Thread and Circle Block Font

Monogram Tire Cover in Fishtail Font and Aqua Thread