Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Getting the design you want for your Monogram Necklace

The trend has hit you hard and you are coveting your very own monogram necklace.  Where do you start designing your necklace and where do you buy it?  That's simple. Read this blog post and we will direct you where to buy and how to design your heart's desire!

What is considered a "monogram"

A monogram is a ladies' 3 initials in a form of first initial, LAST name initial, and middle name initial. The last name initial is placed in the middle of the design and created larger than the other initials.  This is considered a 3 initial monogram, a unique design for each lady. An example is like this:

Decide the size of pendant you want

The size of the pendant, the actual charm that will be created in the rendition of your initials. The BEST way to understand the sizing is to pull out a ruler.  This will help you visualize when you are shopping to choose the look you are going for.  A 5/8 inch pendant measures about the size of a dime and the sizing goes up from there.  Choose in our 2 inch pendant will be a very dramatic statement, and it is best to have your ruler handy so you know what to expect when your monogram pendant arrives.

Decide the metal or finish you want

Carolina Clover offers monogram pendants made in sterling silver, pewter, 14k gold, rose gold vermeil and 14k gold vermeil.  Our vermeil explained as the pendant is created in sterling silver and dipped in either yellow gold or rose gold.  Pewter is our most affordable choice in monogram necklaces, it is polished to a high shine like sterling silver but doesn't come with the high cost of sterling silver. Ultimately, the look you are going for and your budget with dictate your choice here. None of our metals are sold by weight, they are sold by craftmanship. If you are concerned about silver or gold weight, you should consult with your local jeweler about a weighted piece, this is beyond our scope of design services. Our special finishes include enamel and acrylic.  Enamel is laid over sterling silver to create a deeply hued finish on the pendant in your choice of color.  Acrylic is a lightweight pendant in tons of fun and flirty colors and is minimally priced.

Decide the "bail" design you want

Most of our jewelers have created one of two designs for monogram pendants.  We have the monogram necklace that is stationary on a chain, actually attached to the chain.  This is called a double bail design.  A single bail design is a single hoop on the pendant that a necklace chain slides through, giving you the ability to change out your chain and allows freedom of the pendant to slide back and forth on the chain.  Pictures below:

single bail pendant style

double bail necklace style

Choose the font you want

In the pictures above, this is an example of a script font for your monogram necklace.  We also offer a circle block font.  The biggest question is which style suits you and do your initials look good in the font.  Each pendant is created uniquely by our jewelry designers, so you will get a beautiful piece hand created each time.  If you would like to see what your monogram may look like in the 2 different fonts, see our monogram tool here.

Choose the length of chain you want

Our designers offer chains in lengths of 16 or 18 inches. 16 inches hits most women at their collar bone and 18 inches drops 2 inches below her collar bone and some times determines if it is worn inside or outside her collar.  Find a necklace you like the length of already and measure it, this is the best way to determine the length of your chain.

Choose the retailer to make your purchase

Of course Carolina Clover would love to create your monogram necklace from your choice of our two reputable jewelry designers Jane Basch and Initial Reaction, but we want you to make an educated purchase as well.  Here are some additional considerations when purchasing your monogram necklace.  Both our designers are top of the line, American jewelry artists based right here in the USA that we have contracted with for more than 5 years.  Both jewelers back their workmanship with a 1 year warranty, and then will make repairs for a small fee after 1 year.  Please make sure whomever you purchase from is based in the USA.  We've heard so many very sad stories of customers purchasing a Groupon, or from Etsy or from some random online seller that was selling it for dirt cheap and these customers have been sorely disappointed with quality, workmanship, repairs and customer service.  Please thoroughly vet your retail store prior to purchase, also it is a good idea to read the store policies prior to clicking the buy button.  Monogram necklaces are not returnable, so it is important to understand what your expectations are, contact the retailer if you have any questions prior to purchase.
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