Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What is a European Style Charm?

With so many charms on the market, it is hard to understand the terms associated with the styles of charms! European Style charms are the "add a bead" charm collection variety and are made by such popular brand names as Pandora, Trollbeads, Camilla and other less known brands found in department stores and flea markets, regardless of the brand the "Style" is the same as shown below.
Notice the the charm style is like a bead and slips onto the charm bracelet above. Most European style charms measure 4mm in inside diameter to allow for an industry standard.  This varies of course and can measure from 3mm to 4mm.  Check with your European style charm brand to find out the mm of the beads you have or are thinking of collecting.

 Styles have changed over the years and the most popular add a bead varieties are where the bead represents or depicts something special.  The actual bead hosts a beautiful design in itself of a birthstone or a symbol, etc.

Carolina Clover offers an Engraved European Style Collectible charm that features her monogram, initials or name up to 5 characters.  Our adapter for our European style charm is a bail and dangle variety as shown below.

The adapter bail measures 4mm and fits most popular European Charm Collections. The charm is a dainty 5/8 inch, about the size of a dime and the entire charm is made in quality sterling silver. Buy this custom engraved charm on our web site at