Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Living the Dream! Guest Post by Real College Student of Atlanta

I'm so excited that all three of the Inspirational Pearl Bracelets are now available for purchase! The collection includes a Live Your Dreams edition, aBelieve edition, and a Take a Chance edition. All three of these statements mean so much to me and have motivated me to succeed in life. It's been an incredible experience to team up with Carolina Clover to design these bracelets based on my readers' feedback. 

The Live Your Dreams bracelet was the first bracelet released in this collection and it represents one of my dreams (designing jewelry for a company I love) coming true! Instead of just having dreams and hoping they come true, it's great to do what it takes to make those dreams a reality and actually live your dreams! Read more about this bracelet here.

The Believe bracelet is my daily reminder to have more faith in uncertain situations. The bracelet also reminds me to believe in myself and my dreams, even when other don't. In my personal life and professional life, I have had to remind myself to believe in my goals, my morals, and my ideas in order to achieve. Read more about this bracelet here.

And finally, the Take a Chance bracelet is a physical reminder to be adventurous, daring and brave! I can be shy and laid back sometimes, so I appreciate this bracelet and this statement reminding me that life is too short not to take chances sometimes. When you think about all of the successful people in the world, it's important to remember that they gained their success by first taking a chance! Read more about this bracelet here.

I love seeing friends, family, and other Carolina Clover customers wearing the bracelet and sharing how much the bracelets mean to them! I wear my bracelets every single day because they go with literally any outfit! The pearls are such a classy feature and the inspirational text is a conversation-starter. I hope others enjoy these bracelets as much as I do and are inspired to live their dreams, believe, and take a chance!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Boutique Sale!

Carolina Clover at the Cotton Company is having a huge clean out sale!  Now is the time to get great deals on boutique apparel!  Our adorable lace shorts, maxi skirts and dresses as well as our summer jeggings are on a deep discount of 40% off our already amazing boutique prices! Our adorable chevron rain boots have also been marked down 50% off. Don't wait, go get your size!

Sale ends August 17th, because on the 18th you simply won't believe your eyes with all the new merchandise we have arriving for fall and some amazing new deals on Monograms are coming too! Don't we all love a monogram deal?  Can't wait!

Carolina Clover
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Hours of Operation are

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Friday, August 8th open until 9pm

Email us at info@carolinaclover.com
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