Wednesday, May 7, 2014

3, 2, 1 Initial Necklaces!

Occasionally we have customers that do not have the traditional 3 initial monogram for our monogram necklaces.  Carolina Clover has solutions to this issue as well as access to reputable designers that are eager to create your custom initial necklace.  You'll always find the 3 initial monogram necklace, worn by celebrities and coveted by all...

We also have designs for the 2 initial monogram necklace. This particular design comes to us from Jane Basch jewelers and is created in a combo metal of sterling silver chain and 14k gold or rose gold 2 initial pendant.

This gorgeous 2 initial monogram necklace design is available in your choice of sterling silver, 22k gold plated over sterling silver or solid 14k gold and also created by Jane Basch.

For the Acrylic Monogram necklace, we've just added a 2 initial acrylic monogram necklace in your choice of acrylic color.

For the single initial necklace designs, the materials, colors and styles are extensive.  Here is the very popular single initial necklace in a variety of finishes...

This certainly isn't the end of our 3, 2, 1 initial designs! There are so much more at!  If you are looking for something specific, let us know! We would be happy to assist you!