Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stylish and Trendy Medical Identification Jewelry

Carolina Clover's newest line of jewelry is stylish and trendy Medical Identification Jewelry.  Having a medical issue is serious business, an allergy or chronic condition is something first responders need to know about you in any situation.  Identify your condition with Medical Identification.  Not the clunky old, and unattractive medical ID tags of many years ago, we've added a designer that specializes in stylish and trendy medical identification jewelry.  Carolina Clover is now carrying Medical ID styles for men, women and children that are age appropriate and practical.

All our pricing on all the styles we've added include engraving of your medical information.  We have stylish necklaces for ladies featuring her medical ID tag, we have jelly bands for kids with their medical ID tag.  Stay tuned as we add new styles to this new category of practical and stylish medical ID jewelry! Here are some of the newest styles at

Example of Medical Id Engraving.

Let us know if you have any questions or special needs!

Sellers and manufacturers are not responsible for any treatment or mistreatment that may or may not be based upon wear and reliance or information supplied. Your purchase of this medical id piece notes the buyer is fully aware of this disclaimer and will not be held responsible for an instances that may arise by wearing this informational piece.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Monogrammed Samsung Galaxy S4 Case by Clairebella

Carolina Clover is announcing the addition of a Monogrammed Samsung Galaxy S4 case.  This is a "tuff" case which features a durable silicone bumper that fits around your phone to attempt to absorb little bumps your phone receives on a daily basis.  The hard lexan shell snaps on over the silicone bumper making this a dual piece case for added toughness.  
In addition to the amazing features of the design of this case, you get to choose how you want your Samsung Galaxy case personalized.  Clairebella offers dozens of trendy designer patterns from houndstooth to chevron in your favorite colors. You choose to feature your monogram initials or a name on your case for a truly personal creation of style and quality.
Choose a circle feature to accent your monogram or a band feature to accent your name. You get to choose your trendy designer pattern from dozens available by Clairebella, choose your accent color and feature and your are on your way to building your favorite Samsung Galaxy S4 case. Click here to view the Monogrammed Samsung Galaxy S4 Tuff case on