Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hand Stamped Jewelry Designs at Carolina Clover

I just can't believe I haven't formally told y'all about my Hand Stamped Jewelry designer Carolina Clover partnered with this year.  The designs she showcases are just gorgeous and I can't wait to bring you more and more of her mother necklaces, hand stamped charms and her initial charms done in wax seal style. Take a look for yourself...
Here is a sample of a wax seal initial charm that is created by hand stamping. This one is done in a harrington font and features a pearl and chain. To see this hand stamped initial charm on, click here.

Hang on to your hearts, because this creation will bring tears to your eyes and to the mom who created these little feet. These feet are the baby's actual footprints made from the copy done at the hospital, stamped with the baby's name and made into a charm necklace. #swoonalert To see this baby footprint mother's necklace on, click here.

For our Greek Sisters we have a hand stamped sorority lavalier necklace featuring a pearl, or your choice of stone on a sterling silver necklace.  What a great big/little gift.  To see this stamped sorority lavalier on, click here.

Who is the person you love to the moon and back?  This custom created hand stamped charm is a beautiful gift for that special person that you need to remind you love soooo much. To see this hand stamped necklace on, click here.

The hand stamped mother's necklace is a true keepsake. Our hand stamped jewelry designer creates this mother's necklace with a sterling silver washer style charm and can add the children's birthstones in the middle.  Beautiful hand stamped jewelry designs custom made for mom available at To shop this mother's necklace on, click here.