Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday 2011 and the December 5th Deadline!

Happy Holidays Clover Customers!  Just a quick update on Holiday 2011 shopping season at

Two dates just announced: December 5th and December 17th. Why are these important?

We have three monogrammed and personalized gift lines that have announced December 5th as the absolute cut off date for Christmas Delivery. Why? Because these lines are custom made to order from the time you place your order...before you place your order your item doesn't exist. Elves don't pull it off the shelf and ship it to you. We have a battery of elves that create your personalized gift order from raw materials and this takes time.

Clairebella!  GORGEOUS custom gift products such as monogrammed iPhone 4/4s cases, iPad 2 cases, ipad, ereader and tablet cases, personalized platters, trays, and custom dinnerware from Clairebella must be ordered by December 5th to make Santa's Sleigh and can't be rushed.

Some Monogram Necklaces and Earrings! Don't worry, we've marked each item with its own cut off date so you'll know which pieces have a deadline of a December 5th order.  They are the ones that are hand cut, so as you can imagine it takes a bit longer to produce these items.

Butterscotch Blankies!  As you can imagine, these monogrammed and personalized blankets, throws, and pillows take TIME, so be sure to get your order in by December 5th so it will be there by Christmas!

Everything else on our web site, including the monogram jewelry pieces and personalized gift items have a order cut off date of December 17th.  After December 17th, we cannot guarantee delivery of your personalized jewelry and gifts. You can offer to pay upgraded shipping, stand on your head, send us fruit cake, send us sweet emails, or tell us a Christmas story, but unfortunately this is the cut off date given to us by our artists, suppliers and manufacturers for Christmas delivery.

If you have ANY questions, or if we can assist you in making your purchasing decisions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Happy Holidays!