Monday, October 3, 2011

The Monogram Necklace: 2011 Hottest Gift of the Year

As bad as it looks out there in the economy some days, people are still giving gifts! Milestones are still happening like weddings, graduations, births, and the "big gift giving holiday" is just around the corner. As people are still celebrating milestones, gift giving is still alive and strong, however not just any gift will do.

Highly personalized gifts are hot.  It says to the gift recipient, "I didn't get your gift in a mad dash to the big box retailer. I actually searched for something you would like and had your gift specially made for you".

At Carolina Clover, Our hottest selling gifts of 2011 has been the Monogram Necklace.  The recipient's name or initials are placed within a pendant or necklace for a totally unique gift meant for only the gift recipient.

There's no shortage of selection. Our Monogram Necklace is constantly evolving with several new styles coming out each year in your choice of materials and a variety of price points. Our newest style of monogram necklace is a vintage chic pendant. You choose the metal used from sterling silver, to brass or copper. You also get to choose the background pattern and font used for the monogram and we overlay your creation with glass for this stunning monogram necklace...

Carolina Clover's Gold Tone Monogram Necklace has been one of our hottest gifts this year.  Its updated style includes an attached chain necklace that you decide the length. Click on the product picture to learn more about this monogram necklace.

The prices in Sterling Silver have been volatile this year and it has made sterling silver move into more upscale jewelers. Tiffany even carries an entire line of sterling silver jewelry, but Carolina Clover can make an entirely custom monogram necklace for you in sterling silver that Tiffany just can't. Click on the product picture for more information on our Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace.

You'll find a complete selection of Monogram Necklaces at This is just a sample of our beautiful selection of the hottest selling gift items from our web site and retail store so far in 2011.

Happy Gifting!