Monday, November 1, 2010

Gift Ideas: A Stress Free Holiday Season!

The 2010 Holiday season is upon us! Carolina Clover is here to make your hostess gifts, teachers gifts, Christmas Gifts, Hanukkah gift giving stress free! Read on to find out how we can help you have a stress free holiday season full of parties, pictures, and presents... 

The first secret to stress free gift giving is...

Plan Ahead

That can be a stressful word for some people, but I'm here to debunk the stress centered around planning. 

Buying holiday presents before the holidays or even before Thanksgiving is not in anyway diminishing the holiday season. I hear some people say, "I want to enjoy Thanksgiving and Halloween and not skip right to Christmas!" Here's the thing...You get the presents you know you need to get like teachers gifts and something for mom out of the way now. Shop sales, online coupons, and free shipping deals now while you have time to hunt for them.

The next secret to a stress free holiday season is...

Enjoy it. 

Whaaaaa? That's not a secret! That's what we are supposed to do, right? If you have taken a chunk out of your shopping list already, when the rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas does arrive, you aren't fighting crowds at the mall, traffic and trying to find parking within a mile of the mall! 

You are ready to enjoy the holiday season, the wrapping, the decorating, the volunteering at the school party! 

You, as the early shopper, are not dealing with out of stock items or delayed shipping, or paying rush shipping because it is now too late! You are sipping that peppermint latte and watching "It's a Wonderful Life"! 

Now doesn't that sound nice and stress free? Plus, you are a little smug now that you used your coupons and found deals!

And now you may be stunned knowing the secret to a stress free holiday. You can start forward progress now by checking out our holiday gift guide. Click on the glowing present below to read our holiday idea guide, then forward the link onto someone you know...

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