Monday, August 30, 2010

Notes of Southern Charm

Is it time to write an obituary to the charm and grace of the handwritten note? Has email, twitter, and facebook and texting taken the place of writing a traditional "Thank You" or "Thinking of You" note?  In a rush, rush, now, not later world, do we accept thanks and compliments via electronic means versus the time it takes us to sit down, gather our thoughts, write out a note, address it and stamp it?

Some ladies still issue the traditional card, picture and/or letter to our dear friends and family for the holidays. Some us still write a card with a gift.  Some of us even still write handwritten notes to the teacher and she returns the favor with a still handwritten note. Do you remember what it feels like to get a personally addressed letter in the mail that is not a bill or junk mail?

It's that very feeling that inspired me to add Carolina Clover's new collection of personalized note cards. One in every color and style you can imagine. Choose the pattern and personalization that reflects you the most.  With 14 styles available, 7 ink colors, 14 monogram styles, including Greek fraternity or sorority letters you are sure to create a card that will feel like your own creation.

 Write a thank you note to the couple that hosted the last cocktail party, checked on you or your child when was ill, or for the gifts your child receives for a birthday party.  We even have "girl" and "boy" patterns, so you can order some in your child's name and begin teaching your child how to say "thank you".

Like these...

"Stationary" like this also makes a thoughtful gift for teachers and other moms, then you'll be doing your part to keep the handwritten note alive!

To see the entire line of our personalized note cards, visit our site here. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day Trip Inspired Jewelry Designs; Crabs Can be Sparkly and Chic too!

This new cuff design was road trip inspired.  We spent the day exploring the coast of Wilmington, NC with visiting family.  We hopped the ferry at Southport and cruised over to Bald Head Island where we toured the Smith Museum and Old Baldy Lighthouse. What a fabulous piece of paradise.  If you've never ferried over to Bald Head, you must. If you find yourself at any of the North Carolina Beaches, south of the Outer Banks look up Southport ferry for a day trip.

First, they have the most fabulous new ferry terminal where you sit out on the porch underneath the fans, and rock in a good ol' southern rocker while looking out over the water waiting for the ferry.  They have a snack bar, restrooms, air conditioned areas, a gift shop, information, and plenty of parking!
Little bit hanging out waiting for ferry ride!

I highly recommend renting a golf cart in advance if you would like to explore the island on your own. There are no cars allowed on Bald Head Island and there aren't any golf carts to rent if you haven't reserved in advance. But if you would like to see the lighthouse, it is within walking distance of the ferry landing, which is what we did.

Thank goodness for a few provisional shops along the way! Grandma blew out her flip flop, and instead of cruising on back home, we stopped in one of the beach shops and bought her a new pair of treads.

"Old Baldy"

And none such inspiration comes to me except when I'm away from the office and my workshop that I come up with inspiration like my new crabby chic cuff bracelet design.

Eeeek! How cute is he? And he won't pinch you, I swear!
For more information on this sassy crab, check out my Etsy Store at

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday, Carolina Clover Style

Welcome to our first Pink and Green Thursday, this should be fun, we're doing Carolina Clover Style.

Introducing Carolina Clover's Blog Button
If you post mine, I'll post yours.

Carolina Clover, Pink and Green Monogrammed Cuff Design

The Crepe Myrtles are in bloom!

Green High Polish Sterling Silver Pendant for a STEAL!
Available for sale in Carolina Clover's web boutique

I can't wear these, but these pink Crocs look adorable on my little one!

Monogrammed Backpack, send the kiddies off to school in preppy style

This is a Pink Sperry Top-Sider I just bought for my oldest, she loves them!
She's preppy and she doesn't know it yet, shhhhhh.

And of course a matching lunch box in Pink and Green Daisy Style!

This is another Carolina Clover pink and green cuff design 
with green rhinestones!

Happy Pink and Green Thursday, Everybody!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Monogram Handbook by CarolinaClover.Com

Monograms are a uniquely personal, they make gifts truly thoughtful! With so many options available today for monogramming gifts, jewelry, and cars and home decor, I thought I would publish a handbook, some etiquette or "the monogramming bible" guidelines, per se, that are traditionally used for monogramming. This is what CarolinaClover.Com's research has discovered on how to monogram gifts...

About monograms, what is a monogram?

It seems obvious, but a monogram is a letter used to signify one’s entire name. A monogram may be one or more letters. The “more” letters will be explained in a bit. Here is an example of a single monogram for “Dawn”, choosing to use her first name monogram.

When a single letter is used, it is usually the first letter of the persons first name or last name. For example, if Jane Doe Smith you would monogram with a single J or a single S.  

Depending on the item you are having monogrammed, you might choose the first name or the last name.  If I was buying Jane a monogrammed coffee tumbler or a piece of jewelry especially for her, I would probably monogram it with and "J". If I am putting a single letter monogrammed license plate on her family's car or for a flag for her mailbox, I would monogram it with a "S" for the family.

Two letters - Two letters can symbolize one persons first and last name. In Jane Doe Smith's two letter monogram it would be "JS". This would be done in any single letter font with no structural design like this:


Three letters - The first letter of one persons first, middle, and last names. You would be monogramming their initials if for Jane Doe Smith your monogrammed "JDS". Special formats are used to set the last name off and in this case, Jane Doe Smith looks like this "jSd", the family name or the initial of the person's last name is featured in the middle with a fancy font like this:

The first letter of the persons last name is larger and placed in the center with the first initial and the middle initial on each side. With all three letters the same size, the letters appear in the order the name is normally written and this is referred to one's initial's like this:

Monogram for Couples

One letter - A single letter can symbolize the first letter of a couples or families last name. Jane and John Doe's monogram could be just "D"

Two letters - Two letters can symbolize two persons first names. Jane and John Doe's monogram could be:
JJ, but this is not really common.

Three letters - Three letters can stand for or a couples first and last names. For weddings, usually the order is like this:
1. First initial is woman's first name initial
2. Middle initial is initial of couples last name
3. Last initial is man's first name initial
So in the example below, if couples names were Brenda and Gregory Martin, you would list the monogram as: BMG

A Post-Publish on Wedding Monograms...
A couple may use their first name initials prior to the wedding and during the ceremony. For example, their wedding invitation may state J + J for John and Jane. However, their last name initial should be reserved for use for post wedding ceremony and their married life. For example, a couple could use their married initial of "S" for Smith on the beverage napkins for the cocktail hour after the ceremony.

A Word on Gender Monograms

Interlocking monogram is normally used for females only. With both the Interlocking and Round Monograms, the last name will be the largest letter in the center. Like this:


 Round Monogram

The Round Monogram can be used for both males and females. The Block Monogram (normally the male monogram) will appear First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name in all caps. Like this:

Cursive lettering is for full names like "Jane", dates, or written text like a team name, etc. Like the example below: hopes this monogram handbook helps you feel confident in making your gifts personal for that special wedding gift or piece of jewelry that commemorates a special event in someone's life. Check out Carolina Clover's Web Store for a complete selection of monogrammed jewelry, gifts, and accessories. Thanks for visiting!