Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who buys your jewelry????

I was reading a lovely blog the other day that was featuring beautiful pictures and descriptions of a fantastic piece of jewelry. This was not an expensive piece of jewelry, we're talking less than a few hundred dollars.

That's not what struck me as I was reading this blog. In fact, what moved me deeply was in the comment section under the blog.

Dozens of ladies had responded to this featured piece of jewelry.  All loving it more than the next.  Swooning with love and comments and admiration at this relatively affordable piece of jewelry.

So getting to the point of what shocked me.

Tell me if this shocks you too.

Not a single one of the lovely ladies thought for a second that they could buy this piece of jewelry for themselves.

Be it motherly, womanly nature to put everybody's needs foremost before they fulfill their own wants and desires.

I get that.

Each one of these ladies commented that "maybe for my birthday", "maybe for Christmas", maybe for "Valentines day" I'll put this on my wish list as a gift my "other" can get me.

Here's the thing.

We treat ourselves to spa treatments and dozens of mani-pedi's that in total cost more than this piece of jewelry.

We buy designer bags at hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

We get our hair done, cut, colored and styled for as much as this piece of jewelry costs.

We hit the one day sale at Kohls with our cash back bonus and spend more money than this piece of jewelry.

Why do women sometimes feel like they can't buy themselves jewelry? Do their husbands give them grief? Do they feel guilty?  Tell me your thoughts!