Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NJ Housewife Auctions Possessions, So Sad :(

From Yahoo TV today...
NJ 'Housewife' Teresa Auctions Off Contents of Foreclosed Mansion
Joe and Teresa Giudice
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

I don't know if you watch any of the Bravo Housewives shows...I've watched them all...and I can't tell you why. I have no explanation for my actions.

I know an auction of possessions is public information.

Forclosure proceedings on a property is public information.

Not only is this public information, but it also becomes a media feed, which begets a media circus, which begets a fan frenzy...even if you are a "any list celebrity".

As much as I might watch this sort of "reality" television, I really didn't want to know this foreclosure information about Teresa and her family. It makes me sad, like if it happened to my neighbor or my friend. There's nothing you can do about it as they are being smeared publicly.

This particular headline hit a blog, and the comments that followed the blog were alarming.  Who in their right mind would say that someone "deserves" the loss of their home and possessions?

I wish her and her family the best, and I'm sorry that they have had to file for chapter 7. Irregardless as to how they have handled their real estate business, that's none of my business. As a human being, I wish them the best. These have been some hard times on some industries, real estate being one in particular. 

What do you think about property auctions and forclosures being public information?

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