Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carolina Clover's First Retail Space!

Carolina Clover is opening up shop in historic downtown Wake Forest! Beginning in mid-August, we'll be opening a boutique in the Cotton Company!

Located on main street in downtown Wake Forest, the cotton company is a major contributor to our lively historic downtown hosting local artists, boutique shops and hosting events. The Cotton Company has also received the award for...  

Top 10 Raleigh Shopping Malls & Centers!

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History of the The Cotton Company
The cotton was sold and loaded out the back, onto the train; where it then made its way to the factories to be made into clothing and various other items and now, thanks to Bob and Elizabeth Johnson, the Cotton Company has been renovated and is home to retail shops, artists galleries, an event space and Over the Falls Deli.

Carolina Clover will still offer our personalized and monogrammed gifts online at!  But if you live or travel to our little downtown, be sure to visit the Cotton Company where Carolina Clover will be featuring our handcrafted jewelry designs and unique gifts!  More information about Cotton Company shopping events, shopping hours, and  sales will be coming soon!