Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monogrammed Cuff Bracelets

Carolina Clover is introducing a new twist in personalized jewelry, meet the monogrammed cuff bracelet! Traditionally, you see this style engraved on a silver something-or-another. Imagine the possiblities with this cuff bracelet!

Got a favorite sundress or a favorite shift or cocktail dress? Imagine matching your accessory to your outfit via designer and trendy fabrics!!!! Ooooooh and here's a good one, imagine matching the cuff to bridesmaid dresses each with her own monogram! Eeeee!

Featured in almost every fashion magazine this summer, the cuff bracelet is the summer's trendiest accessory.  Carolina Clover has teamed up with Goosiepie Monograms to bring out this one of a kind piece in your choice of fabric and embroidered monogram style and thread.

We use quality materials and construction. Each piece is handcrafted, lined with microfiber for comfort, and stamped with our own design label. Yes, each one is signed for a unique piece!

 Right now I'm taking custom requests, but soon we'll have a selection of fabrics, monogram styles, and threads for you to be able to create your own piece.  Until we roll it out "self serve style" on the web site, let me know if you have any questions or custom requests!