Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inspiration is a Funny Thing

My inspiration and creativity is like an aloof cat. You know, like getting a glimpse of a cute and fuzzy fur-ball kitten peering at you from under a piece of furniture, you walk toward it and it backs into the shadows out of reach. Discouraged, you walk away only to realize it is looking at you again, so you think, "maybe if I ignore this little sweetness it will decide that I am harmless and come be my best friend". It doesn't, it continues to hide until all you want to do is get your hands on that cute and fuzzy fur-ball. The more you obsess about it, the worse it gets. Then one day, you've forgotten about it and become completely engrossed in something else, and the next you know this little sweetness is rubbing against your leg and purring from a loudspeaker. Yes, that is my creativity. 

And thus, the involved explanation of why I haven't had a blog post since January 6th, or new items added to my web site recently, or anything "new" at all.  I'm filling orders, just lacking creativity for newness! I quit obsessing about it and took off to Las Vegas for four days. A trip to Vegas is definitely a prescription for ignoring the world around you. I absorbed tons of inspiration, and I'm back with creativity! Now if I could just find the patience to implement it...