Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Double Decorator Duty

So not ONLY do I have to de-decorate my house of Christmas wreaths, garland, and tree, I also have to de-decorate the Carolina Clover Web site that featured Christmas Arrivals, Last Minute Gifts, and Custom Jewelry Requests for the holidays.

And just like my house, taking the holiday stuff down and putting the old "decorative" stand bys back up, brings forth feelings of renewal! Let's buy NEW stuff and spruce this place up a bit! While the hubby is not too keen on a bunch of new stuff in the house, he doesn't pay a bit of attention to my web site. I've taken full advantage of that and uploading new personalized products for the brand new year!

Click on over to and check out the custom car decals, wall decals, and new handstamped jewelry designs for mom and grandma. Check back in the days to come for more new stuff!!! As always, let me know if you are looking for something special, because I just might have it and it hasn't made it to the Clover site yet! Happy New Year!