Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Monogrammed Jewelry and Gifts for Him

Happy Holidays, Everyone! I'm a bit shocked and embarrassed that I haven't had a blog post since WAY before Thanksgiving. I've been hard a work filling monogrammed jewelry and gift orders in time for Christmas delivery. I had the most wonderful, pleasant customers and awesome suppliers!

During the ebb and flow of holiday orders, the worker bees at were busy adding new monogrammed jewelry items as well as monogrammed gift items for him, "him" being dad, hubs, gramps, brother, boyfriend.  So now that the rush has died down, I thought I'd share a few of our newest monogrammed gift items for him!

A gift idea for him, our personalized stadium seat makes sitting on the bleachers for game day more accommodating!

A gift idea for him, the quintessential grillmaster chef's apron with free embroidered monogram!

Pack up two bottles of vino in this monogrammed wine carrying case which is a perfect gift for him or her!

Our newest piece of monogrammed jewelry is a personalized guitar pick! This is a great piece of jewelry for him the guitar player or her the groupie :) Check out this engraved sterling silver guitar pick necklace at

Shop our entire line of personalized gift ideas for him on our website We'll be adding more items often to build our selection of gifts for him.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Engraved Monogram Jewelry Now Available at the Cotton Company

Just in time for the holidays, Carolina Clover is excited to announce a new line of personalized jewelry in our store at The Cotton Company located in historic downtown Wake Forest. Holiday shoppers can now reach out, touch, and try on our complete selection of quality engraved sterling silver pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

"Personalized and monogrammed gifts are really in demand", says Dawn Crowder, owner of Carolina Clover inside the Cotton Company. "I'm really excited to offer these jewelry pieces that delight the gift giver as well as the gift recipient. A jewelry monogram shows a lot of thought went into the gifting".

The new Sterling Silver engraved jewelry line on display features a variety of price points the gift buyer can choose from, such as a sterling silver keepsake piece of jewelry to a quality sterling silver plated pieces. Prices start from just under $30 and remain under $295.

The line also showcases new designs in engraved sterling silver jewelry, such as the engraved mother's pendant with mom's monogram in the middle and her children's names in black letter engraving around the outside. "This is a beautiful piece of jewelry, that can feature anyone's monogram in the middle and special a message around the outside", Dawn says.

"I am thrilled to bring this line of monogrammed sterling silver jewelry to Wake Forest, it means our shoppers don't have to leave town in search of personalized gifts", Dawn says.

Carolina Clover is in it's second holiday season finding it's beginning as an online web shop at and just opened an extension of the web store inside The Cotton Company in August.  Both stores offer personalized jewelry and monogrammed gifts as well as Dawn Crowder's personally designed line of handcrafted jewelry and cuff bracelets.

Contact Dawn by Email.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gift Trends: Holiday 2010 in Pictures

Here's a post here to fill y'all in on what people are ordering from and what they are buying at our retail store for Christmas so far this holiday season. Hoping it will inspire you and me to get some shopping done. So let's go.

First up, the initial charms are a great gift this holiday season! These are going like crazy.

Next, in our retail store, we can't keep the scarves stocked fast enough. Everybody is wearing these yummy colors and we just happen to be having an online only sale on this item until 11/21/2010. These look great with a monogram or without.

Next up, there will some happy little girls when they discover what Santa brought them from this year.  Our hand stamped little girl necklace is a heart stopping must have for your little princess.

And the last super hot gift item I'll share with you is our very affordable monogrammed necklace. It is made of acrylic and available in a variety of colors, plus, the corded necklace is free with your order. These are going like crazy so far this year, and since this is carved out of acrylic with your initials, there is a bit of a production turn around, so get your orders in early for Christmas delivery!

As always I'm here to help you with your personalized gift purchase at or at our retail store located in the Cotton Company in historic downtown Wake Forest. Email me at

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monogrammed Embroidered Scarf Special!

This just in. 

Our scarves are on sale. 

20% off! 

*thank you, supplier* 

AND you get free embroidery if you would like to put a monogram on the scarf for a gift...or not, they look great without it and the colors are juicy. So go ahead, get you one. Sale ends November 21st.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gift Ideas: A Stress Free Holiday Season!

The 2010 Holiday season is upon us! Carolina Clover is here to make your hostess gifts, teachers gifts, Christmas Gifts, Hanukkah gift giving stress free! Read on to find out how we can help you have a stress free holiday season full of parties, pictures, and presents... 

The first secret to stress free gift giving is...

Plan Ahead

That can be a stressful word for some people, but I'm here to debunk the stress centered around planning. 

Buying holiday presents before the holidays or even before Thanksgiving is not in anyway diminishing the holiday season. I hear some people say, "I want to enjoy Thanksgiving and Halloween and not skip right to Christmas!" Here's the thing...You get the presents you know you need to get like teachers gifts and something for mom out of the way now. Shop sales, online coupons, and free shipping deals now while you have time to hunt for them.

The next secret to a stress free holiday season is...

Enjoy it. 

Whaaaaa? That's not a secret! That's what we are supposed to do, right? If you have taken a chunk out of your shopping list already, when the rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas does arrive, you aren't fighting crowds at the mall, traffic and trying to find parking within a mile of the mall! 

You are ready to enjoy the holiday season, the wrapping, the decorating, the volunteering at the school party! 

You, as the early shopper, are not dealing with out of stock items or delayed shipping, or paying rush shipping because it is now too late! You are sipping that peppermint latte and watching "It's a Wonderful Life"! 

Now doesn't that sound nice and stress free? Plus, you are a little smug now that you used your coupons and found deals!

And now you may be stunned knowing the secret to a stress free holiday. You can start forward progress now by checking out our holiday gift guide. Click on the glowing present below to read our holiday idea guide, then forward the link onto someone you know...

Still churning in your own thoughts on where to get started?
Start right here at, we'll give you a little incentive as our blog reader...

15% off 
your monogrammed gift order of $20 or more at
Offer Expires November 30, 2010!
Use Coupon Code: Holiday2010

And a little more incentive to help you plan ahead...
All "personalized" gift orders must be placed by... 
December 15th for Christmas Delivery!

Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays from

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My New Car Tag!!!

I am so thrilled with my new monogrammed car tag for the front of my car! I received it today and I am very impressed with the quality of this acrylic tag. 

Just for giggles.

 I thought I'd share the before photo of my palm tree and cresent moon tag. 


I smashed into hubby's mountain bike in the garage.

oops :)

And this is my after photo.


This is the "Henna" pattern which is kinda like a black and silver damask with the lime green monogram.

These are high end, you will not believe the quality. I have 21 color rich styles available on my web site.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Headed for Display, New Cuff Bracelet Designs

Just thought I'd share my newest cuff bracelet designs that are headed for display at my retail store at the Cotton Company in Historic Downtown Wake Forest. I'm really having fun with some new fabrics and embellishments on these wide cuff designs. Hope you like today's blog post in pictures! And if you would like to grab one up before it is available in the store, let me know!

Pink Emu Faux Leather with Pink Rhinestone Flower
Wide Cuff Bracelet

Black Satin and Beige Pearl Wide Cuff Bracelet

Blue Denim with Blue Bezel Stones and Blue Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet

Green Satin with Eyelash Trim, Rhinestones, and Green Bezel Set Stone Cuff Bracelet

Other Carolina Clover Cuff Bracelet Designs are available at the following locations online:

If you would like additional information, or you have a custom request, send me an email!

Friday, September 24, 2010

My New Fall Cuff Designs and What to Wear with Them!

It's the first fews days of fall, and I think these change of seasonal designs posts are my favorite.  I envision a design and what I would wear with it while I'm creating it my wide cuff bracelets. On the flipside of the design process, there's a finished product... what. do. I . do. with. this. hmmm.

So this is what I do, I try as best I can to communicate my designs to you by incorporating today's seasonal styles from popular stores and designers to let you know what I was thinking when I constructed it...So here goes. Can't wait to read your comments!

Faux Leather Fleur-de-Lis Cuff

With this White House Black Market Pairing
White House Black Market Photo


My Houndstooth Tweed Cuff Design

With this White House Black Market Outfit...
White House Black Market Photo


My Faux Brown Leather Cuff Design...

Paired with this 
Ralph Lauren's Black Label Classic Camel

Ralph Lauren Photo


This dress ensemble...
Marie Claire Photo

With my Faux Brown Leather Cuff Bracelet

Whatcha think? Would you wear any of these styles?

Happy Fall!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Super Chili

Fall is upon us, and after a scorching summer here in the south, it is a welcome relief! We always look forward to football and a new menu of fall comfort foods in our house.  Everybody loves a burger, but after a summer full of barbecues, burgers, and hot dogs, we are looking for a change of season!

Last night, I made my first pot of chili for the season!  Even though this is an awesome comfort food, our family is really health conscious, so I thought I'd share with my blog readers my recipe for my super yummy, super nutrient filled chili that even my kids love! So here goes:

Dawn's Super Chili 
(makes enough to feed a party or a family of 4 and freezes well)

2lbs of extra lean ground sirloin/beef (97/3)
1 large sweet onion
Chili Power to taste
Ground Cumin to taste
Garlic Powder to taste
Salt to taste
1 large can of red kidney beans
4 cans of pinto beans
2 cans of diced tomatoes with chilies
1 Fresh Jalapeno for additional heat (optional)
1 large bottle of V8 vegetable juice

In a large stockpot get the super lean ground beef browning. Do not add additional oil, cook the beef on medium heat to it releases its fat and creates its own non-stick fats and oils. Cook it too fast and it will burn and not use its own fats. 

After breaking up the beef, toss in the chopped onion, a palm full of chili powder, a palm full of ground cumin,  approximately 2 teaspoons of garlic powder, and approximately 1 tsp of salt to season the beef.  If you like your chili hot, add a diced Jalapeno now (optional)

Open up the cans of beans over the sink and put them in a pasta strainer and drain and rinse them!  Packagers pack most beans in corn syrup and nobody needs this extra SUGAR!!!!!!! uGH!!!!!

After the meat is browned, do not drain. There should be no more than a teaspoon of liquid left in the bottom of the pot if your beef is super lean. If you have more, drain. Do not rinse your meat. You loose ALLLLLLL of the seasoning you put in the pot when browning.

Return meat to medium low heat, add tomatoes, drained and rinsed beans, and pour in enough V8 juice to just cover the beans in the pot.  You'll use all but about 1 or 1/2 cups of the V8. Bring to a simmer and simmer for approximately 5 minutes on medium low. Stir and taste.  Add more spices to your liking. I usually add about a tablespoon of chili powder and a half a tablespoon of cumin and a dash of salt toward the end of simmering.  Simmer an additional 10 minutes on low and taste again. If you have seasoned enough, you will not taste the V8 juice at all. (I don't like V8 juice on its own, so this is how I gauge a good pot O' Chili) Simmer on low until ready to serve. The longer it warms on low the better it is.

Garnish with shredded sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream, and corn chips....all optional, but my kids love the garnishes and I know that they are getting a ton of V8 juice, so I don't mind!

I hope you give my Super Chili a try!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Styles in Monogram Necklaces

It might be time to start building your Christmas list and doing some Christmas shopping. I tell myself every year to get a head start on my list vs waiting for the family to ask what I want for Christmas, I tell them "I'll get back to ya"...then comes more stress, now I'm holding them up while I think about what I want/need  =)

I just couldn't wait until Christmas to show you these brand new designs in jewelry monograms. Starting with our Cut-Out Monogram Necklace in Sterling Silver. Like my little girl says, "it is to die for!" Mom or Grandma's Monogram is featured in the middle and children's names are black letter engraved around the edge.

We've got another great design for you! This one is a floating cut out monogram necklace that any girl would love! This necklace comes in three different sizes and is available in Sterling Silver or the budget minded pewter.

Variety is the spice of life, so offers a cut-out monogram necklace design available in every color and every style.  These monogram pendants are made of acrylic, so they hold a deep color and are so budget friendly you could order one in all your favorite colors and styles!

I hope we have inspired you to think about gift giving for any occasion, maybe even Christmas too. Our monogrammed pendant necklaces make for thoughtful gifts whether they are on your wish list or you buying list!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Notes of Southern Charm

Is it time to write an obituary to the charm and grace of the handwritten note? Has email, twitter, and facebook and texting taken the place of writing a traditional "Thank You" or "Thinking of You" note?  In a rush, rush, now, not later world, do we accept thanks and compliments via electronic means versus the time it takes us to sit down, gather our thoughts, write out a note, address it and stamp it?

Some ladies still issue the traditional card, picture and/or letter to our dear friends and family for the holidays. Some us still write a card with a gift.  Some of us even still write handwritten notes to the teacher and she returns the favor with a still handwritten note. Do you remember what it feels like to get a personally addressed letter in the mail that is not a bill or junk mail?

It's that very feeling that inspired me to add Carolina Clover's new collection of personalized note cards. One in every color and style you can imagine. Choose the pattern and personalization that reflects you the most.  With 14 styles available, 7 ink colors, 14 monogram styles, including Greek fraternity or sorority letters you are sure to create a card that will feel like your own creation.

 Write a thank you note to the couple that hosted the last cocktail party, checked on you or your child when was ill, or for the gifts your child receives for a birthday party.  We even have "girl" and "boy" patterns, so you can order some in your child's name and begin teaching your child how to say "thank you".

Like these...

"Stationary" like this also makes a thoughtful gift for teachers and other moms, then you'll be doing your part to keep the handwritten note alive!

To see the entire line of our personalized note cards, visit our site here. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day Trip Inspired Jewelry Designs; Crabs Can be Sparkly and Chic too!

This new cuff design was road trip inspired.  We spent the day exploring the coast of Wilmington, NC with visiting family.  We hopped the ferry at Southport and cruised over to Bald Head Island where we toured the Smith Museum and Old Baldy Lighthouse. What a fabulous piece of paradise.  If you've never ferried over to Bald Head, you must. If you find yourself at any of the North Carolina Beaches, south of the Outer Banks look up Southport ferry for a day trip.

First, they have the most fabulous new ferry terminal where you sit out on the porch underneath the fans, and rock in a good ol' southern rocker while looking out over the water waiting for the ferry.  They have a snack bar, restrooms, air conditioned areas, a gift shop, information, and plenty of parking!
Little bit hanging out waiting for ferry ride!

I highly recommend renting a golf cart in advance if you would like to explore the island on your own. There are no cars allowed on Bald Head Island and there aren't any golf carts to rent if you haven't reserved in advance. But if you would like to see the lighthouse, it is within walking distance of the ferry landing, which is what we did.

Thank goodness for a few provisional shops along the way! Grandma blew out her flip flop, and instead of cruising on back home, we stopped in one of the beach shops and bought her a new pair of treads.

"Old Baldy"

And none such inspiration comes to me except when I'm away from the office and my workshop that I come up with inspiration like my new crabby chic cuff bracelet design.

Eeeek! How cute is he? And he won't pinch you, I swear!
For more information on this sassy crab, check out my Etsy Store at